Reducing Shipping Costs As A Small Shop

Shipping is not quite a pleasant process, but every e-commerce company has to deal with it due to its most significant role: delivering your products to your customers. So, no matter what size of business you are, you are going to have to rely on shipping carriers to deliver products to your customers.

In this article, we are going to discuss how small businesses can reduce shipping costs in a world that sees prices of everything, including those of packaging supplies and shipping, going up with every passing year.

How can niche businesses compete with Amazon?

Amazon offers free shipping options, which remains an attraction for most of the customers. While this option is an excellent marketing tool, it is not the only way you can convert your customers. You may, instead, want to offer flat-rate shipping for domestic customers. This way, your customers will know what to expect when they proceed to the checkout.

It is necessary to set clear expectations, but if you want to offer free shipping anyway, there are some ways to do it. For instance, you may build shipping costs into the prices of the products. If you think that it will raise the price of the product drastically, maybe you could sacrifice some part of your profit margin while making sure that you still get enough from the sale. The most necessary part of this process is to make sure that your prices remain competitive.

It is worth mentioning here that carriers review their prices every year, which can result in a price surge. In such cases, there is nothing much you can do except communicating the scenario with your customers.

Cutting down on shipping costs

If you do not want to increase shipping prices, you may want to trim down on costs to make things easy for you and your customers.

The one big thing under your control is the e-commerce packaging. It can be easy to get the outer packaging that is a little bigger than the product you are sending. However, cutting corners in this area can help you save a significant amount of costs. For instance, you may be using cardboard boxes to send your products. See if you can send products using a poly mailer. If you want more protection for the product, you can use padded envelopes. Size and weight determine the cost of shipping, so you will want to have them under control.

Another option is to use the free packaging option offered by most of the carriers. Many businesses are not aware of this option. You can use this option to get poly mailers and cardboard boxes for free. This option works best if you qualify for the specific mail class.

Now, whether you are using the free packaging option or the paid one, you will need to make sure that you are offering an impressive unboxing experience. You can start by measuring your product and estimate the number of products that you will need to send in a specific duration. It will help you figure out specific product orders that you get the most. Using this data, you can craft an unboxing experience that give your brand a little bit extra exposure.

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