The Types of Packaging Used in Ecommerce 

For a lot of people, the right packaging plays a part in ensuring that you have the right results from this too. Below, we’re going to talk about each of them, and some of the pros and cons of both to offer. 

Corrugated Boxes 

These are the brown boxes that you know about. They are pretty sturdy, can handle weight that’s moderate, and offer some kind of cushioning due to the material that’s corrugated. There are two types, stock boxes, and specialty kinds. The type of box does matter. 

RSC Boxes 

These are regular slotted containers, and these are good for some people that don’t need any special bells and whistles, as they have flaps that are equip on every single side, and two sides that are parallel even in the middle. These are usually considered the stock boxes that are used a lot. 

Full Overlap boxes 

These are basically an RSC variant, but the difference is that both of these flaps actually cover the entirety of where the box opens, which helps create an opening that’s secured although you do need to make sure that you add fasteners, including tape, to this sort of thing. 

They’re made to be sturdier than a regular stock box and are less likely to be smashed or messed up when you’re transporting all of this due to the double sides that are reinforced. 

Auto locking 

These are built with a different mechanism that lets the flaps on each side of these lock, and you simply push down to unlock this whenever you’re ready to open up your box., 

It offers a bottom that’s easy to assemble, and it’s easy to set up, and also saves on tape in a lot of cases. This is great for products that need to be put together in a quick and effective manner. It does increase the costs of the material, and it does offer better productivity for the box that you’re using. It’s used in ecommerce, packaging, and lines of production. 

Roll End Corrugated Boxes 

These are the boxes that are also available in a corrugated form, and they also offer a unique kind of way to fasten. 

They are different because rather than just taking the flaps, opening, and then closing them, you hinge the cardboard piece over the opening near the top, securing this to the box sides. This has overlap thats minimal, and it offers them a way for you to efficiently use the materials in a way that makes the person who is environmentally conscious enjoy this kind of box. 


This is basically a box with a couple of tiny flaps that are along the box sides of this to offer a lid that locks naturally, offering a secure closing for the box without needing tape or a sticker. It does need to be transported and held in different ways, and you’ll notice that as you do, it will stay totally shut. They’re great for shipping out items, as they don’t need other packaging supplies or even other boxes. 

This is becoming a more popular choice because it doesn’t require a bunch of packaging materials, and it saves you money too. The box shape also makes it the ideal unboxing kind of experience, and when combined with some digital printing, the possibilities can be endless, as you can digitally print on these with any color.

These are some of the popular ecommerce packaging options, and there is a lot that you can decide to use, so look at your options to weigh in and choose for yourself. 

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